Neil Thrussell

Shin Dao Master

Neil was introduced to the world of personal growth almost 30 years ago through an extensive course presented by The Pacific Institute called Investment in Excellence for the 90’s. Neil loved the training and soon began to practice and live by the principles introduced there. Those initial teachings planted some of the foundational seeds of personal growth that he still uses today.

Neil’s Personal Mission
Through love – explore, challenge and guide the awakening of the inner truth in all those I meet.

Neil has shared his vast acquired knowledge deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle; on stage, on TV in North America.

Neil truly believes that life is a grand adventure.

” Don’t sit on the sidelines! Get involved, get in the game.”

Special Note: After I was exposed to Kryptonite and I was no longer able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  I had to find a new way to help people and the new way is through sharing the “Shin Dao[1]
There is no known inoculation for the “Shin Dao” as once it gets into your veins there is no way of stopping it.

Except to learn to love even more!

 Life is an Adventure – Dream It! Be It! Do It! Live It!
If it is not fun. I don’t want to do it.  So I make the dull, boring and repetitive FUN!

[1] Shin- Heart Dao The Way – translated to mean The Way of the Heart