Kim O’Neill

Speaker - Author - Show Host - Career Transition Coach

Kim O’Neill is a former Crime Analyst who now provides empowerment and career transition coaching for heart-centered professionals (1:1 and groups).  She’s also the host of the Every Day is a New Day Show, the inspirational interview show about moving forward and choosing to embrace a positive outlook.  In 2017, Kim co-authored the Amazon bestseller Positive Minded People: Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Adversity for Living a More Positive Life.

Her 2nd book, You Are Loved – An Inspired, Meditative Visual Journey, is anticipated out early 2019.

As a coach, Kim helps heart-centered professionals to make desired career transitions so they can love their life more. She helps them to know and embrace the truest version of themselves so they can stand confidently in their power regardless of what’s happening around them. She also teaches job-seekers and podcast interviewees how to present their best, most confident self in interviews. Kim’s client challenges often involve bridging that gap between head and heart and saying a bigger “YES” to themselves. Through coaching, Kim’s clients cultivate a stronger internal foundation that supports them in rediscovering and reclaiming who they are so they can expand into a more confident, courageous version of themselves. Kim is an ICF Associate Certified
Coach (ACC) and Law of Attraction (LOA) Coach, as well as a Reiki Master Practitioner, Spontaneous Transformation Practitioner, and Infinite Possibilities Trainer. As an inspirational speaker, Kim reminds audiences of the importance of knowing who they are; about the informational value of their emotions; and how to move forward when they don’t know how. Kim’s philanthropic work includes youth mentoring and empowerment workshops.

Prior to coaching, Kim’s professional background reflects her Jill-of-All-Trades nature: from Dental Assistant to Human Resources Coordinator, and Voiceover Artist to Crime Analyst (and several other jobs in between). At heart, however, she knew she was a coach for over 20 years before coaching professionally. In 2013, Kim started Interview Coaching, helping job-seekers prepare for employment interviews. Eventually, Kim saw that the real work of interview prep required most clients to go deeper within themselves than surface-level job prep. This allowed for Kim to get to the core of what she does best.

Although Kim is naturally optimistic and positive, it was through multiple breakdowns in her own life that led her to rediscover and reclaim who she innately is. Overcoming negative self-talk; learning to hear and trust her own intuition; and embracing the fact that it’s her inner world that creates her outer world are some of the elements that led Kim to rebuild the foundation of her life from the inside out.

Kim has presented multiple workshops to at-risk youth in Southern CA on goal-setting; stress management; interview skills; and resume-writing. She has also coached adults to experience more confidence, clarity and expanded belief in their own personal power and all the possibilities that exist for them.  Inspiring, insightful, empowering, therapeutic and non-judgmental are just some of the words her clients and workshop participants have used to describe their experience with Kim.