Faith Reed

Soul-Catalyst, Alchemist, Adventurer, Speaker and Lover of Life.

    From a young age Faith has been passionately living life, doing everything imaginable in the shortest time possible. From moving to London on her own at 16, to traveling the world solo and starting 5 companies by the time she was 25, Faith has always been a big believer in living life on her own terms, to it’s highest potential, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. She’s also the first to admit that this has been a trial-and-error way of living, one which comes with a lot of uncertainty and requires a great deal of trust.

    After partying (and working) too hard in her early 20’s, Faith was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and has spent the better part of the last 5 years healing her own mind, body and spirit. It is through this quest for balance, health, and her constant thirst for life that she discovered the spiritual path which has guided her to the work she does today.

    After sitting in multiple 10 day silent meditations, traveling the world in search of shaman, healers and spiritual teachers, and finally landing safely in her new home of San Diego, where she met and married her now husband after only 11 days, Faith has integrated everything she has learnt in life into a unique style of spiritual badassery, and dedicates her life to teaching this path of spiritual growth and self-expression.

    Faith is also consultant of Cultural Design and Spiritual Leadership to multinational corporate organizations and their leadership teams.

    Faith is also a professional adventurer, brand ambassador, health food chef and most recently, a new mother. Multi-passionate and multi-faceted, she’s committed to always following her heart, doing everything she loves, experiencing all that life has to offer, and leaving a positive impact in her wake.