Dr. Lin Morel

Spiritual Advisor, Mentor, Coach, 5th Degree Black Belt and Martial Artist

Throughout her extensive career, Dr. Lin Morel has created a reputation for successfully taking companies, CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, business owners and individuals through times of growth, transition and periods of challenge into greater brilliance and mastery.

Dr. Lin Morel has been featured on PBS, NBC, The Discovery Channel and in The New York Times. She is a frequent guest on radio and TV and is a frequent contributor to numerous publications. In 2008, she was recognized as one of the top 25 personal growth leaders in Manny Goldman’s book, “The Power of Personal Growth”, alongside Jack Canfield, Alison Armstrong and Les Brown.

Her multi-dimensional approach and research into the realms of human consciousness, empowerment and personal development provide a unique approach to her work with clients.

Lin Morel is a kick ass fifth-degree black belt who has competed, taught, and lectured internationally as a speaker, consultant, educator and martial artist. As a multiple gold medal winner in the world of competitive karate, she experienced first hand that true power and success is generated by a connection to a core of wisdom and strength that exists within each of us.

Lin has earned Masters’ degrees in the fields of Applied Psychology and Theology and has a Doctorate in the emerging field of Spiritual Science. She is also a licensed Holistic Health Care Practitioner with offices in Santa Monica, CA.

A musician, writer and stand-up comedian at heart, Lin is a proud mom to a 26-year-old daughter. A world traveler, Lin loves exploring other cultures and spending her time celebrating the wonders of nature!